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an earthquake. it does not predict earthquakes, but it detects the first pulses of a quake's energy and gives you time to react. >>> travelers at one of l.a.x.'s biggest terminals had to avoid contaminated drinking water. a construction crew crossed the drinkable water line with the recycled air conditioning line at terminal six. it forced the crews to shutdown the restaurants and the drinking fountains. no word when it will be fixed. >>> and new at 11:00, a new device for the iphone lets you know when it is safe to drive home. it has a breath anna lieser that attaches -- analyzer that attaches. it tells you if you are over the alcohol limit. the creator says it is not just for heavy drinkers, but it is for those who have a couple of beers and maybe glasses of wine and should be responsible drivers. the breath owe meter is in development. >>> a big announcement from google in an attempt to stream line services. they are shutting down the popular google reader feature. google reader allowed users to pull con at the present time feeds from a -- content feeds from a variety of websites. it was l
. where is the energy? where is the urgency? >>> the warriors wrapped up a two-week home stand and they were trying to close it out with a win in chicago. the bulls lost by 42 in sacramento a couple nights ago. that apparently made them angry. it will be a rough night for the warriors. this is opening possession and two-happened slam. two-hand slam. nate robinson enjoying his visit back at oracle. back to back three's. they end the half at 20. here is a warrior highlight. and steph curry without authority. and harrison barnes cleans up. it was all bulls, all the time. derrick rose is still out and carlos boozer two hands and he had 21. and the night is really complete with the air ball from the foul line. brother. warriors are down 36 and rally to lose by only 18. they really got crushed 113-95. a big game on the road against houston. miami heat and their 20-game win streak. lebron james 360 spin and with authority. and that's howe you do it. and that's how you do it. how do you stop that? how do you stop this? it is now time for your facial. james 28 points and 10 boards. the
's jimmy kimmel! . >> thank you for watching. hey, i have a question. i'm glad you have a lot of energy. are you ready to push your bodies to the ultimate limit tonight? [ cheers and applause ] >> well, i'm not. we'll push our bodies to the limit some other time. you know, tomorrow is the first official day of spring, although you would not know it if you live in new england or the great lakes where heavy snow is falling again. some parts of new england are expected to get 20 inches of snow before the storm was done. do you remember that groundhog who said we would have an early winter and early spring? we should eat him. someone has to pay for this. most of the country is freezing cold right now. but we don't really have weather here in l.a., so our meteorologists are forced to find other ways to fill time. on ktla, which is a local channel, here on wednesday, there was a regular segment where they read birthdays anticipate anniversaries. henry reads them no matter how ridiculous they are. >> joe horton, ninth anniversary and hugh janus turning 10. >> i'm sorry.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3